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Maximizing transportation flexibility with XTS Track Management

With the ability for independent mover control using different motion profiles, the XTS provides high flexibility for parts handling in machines and systems. Both open and self-contained tracks can be created by combining motor modules with different geometries. Until now a mover has been bound to such a track. With the aid of the new XTS Track Management software functionality, an XTS system configuration can be divided into individual, physically separated track sub-sections. They can include only one, but also any number of consecutive motor modules. These track sections represent components, which can be combined to build a great variety of connected tracks. By means of a suitable mechanical device, such as a spindle axis or a linear motor, the track sections including the movers located on them can be moved, so that an exchange of movers between different XTS systems is possible. During this process, the motor modules and movers remain fully operational at all times so that the moved track sections are retained as fully usable sections. The Track Management function is integrated into the existing TwinCAT 3 XTS Extension TF5850.

For mobile track sections, an air gap is necessary on both sides between the mobile and immobile track sections. A 1 mm shorter motor module with power supply is available especially for this use case. The connector of the motor module is implemented as a rotatable B23 ENP connector. In keeping with the One Cable Automation concept, it combines the communication and energy supply of the motor module in just one cable. For the connection between the motor module and the control cabinet, Beckhoff's extensive range of accessories includes a choice of different drag-chain-suitable cables to match the connector.

Application examples

  • infeed and outfeed of movers without interrupting the running production flow
    • software-based tool changes
    • individual quality Control
    • integration of optional Workstations
    • sorting out defective products
    • maintenance independently of production process
    • manual Workstations
  • creating product buffers by arranging several XTS tracks above one another
  • setting up a secondary product flow by adding a closed track, e.g. in a coating process where workstations can be passed through several times without changing direction
  • A freely configurable product flow enables, e.g., the combination of different products to form packages.


TwinCAT XTS Extension

TwinCAT XTS Extension: decouples servo algorithms from the hardware and calculates them centrally

XTS Standard

XTS Standard: The standard version of the XTS system already offers a full range of exceptional benefits: With extremely variable geometries from straight and open to a variety of different closed configurations and a unique drive concept, it makes highly compact and invididual solutions possible.

XTS Hygienic

XTS Hygienic: The fully encapsulated stainless steel version in IP 69K is designed to meet the special hygienic requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries as all surfaces are resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.

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