Compact Drive Technology

Connection of motors directly in the I/O system

Beckhoff focuses on modularity and scalable power in compact Drive Technology: various connections in the format of a K-bus or an EtherCAT Terminal (IP 20) support AC and DC motors as well as stepper and servomotors of various performance classes. In addition, the Beckhoff EtherCAT Box modules (IP 67) for stepper and DC motors are available for use outside control cabinets.



AM81xx: Thanks to One Cable Technology (OCT) and electronic identification plate the AM81xx servomotors offer a convinient plug-and-play solution in combination witht the servo terminal system.


AMI81xx: permanent magnet-excited three-phase synchronous motor with integrated servo drive


AS20xx: Two-phase stepper motors ranging from 0.6 to 5 Nm

EtherCAT Terminals

EtherCAT Terminals: Motion terminals for stepper, servo and DC motors


EL72x1-9014: The EL72x1-9014 servomotor EtherCAT Terminal with integrated absolute value interface offers high servo performance in a very compact design.

EtherCAT Box

EtherCAT Box: Motion modules in IP 67 for stepper and DC motors

EtherCAT plug-in module

EtherCAT plug-in module: For stepper motors with medium performance range

Bus Terminals

Bus Terminals: Motion terminals for stepper, DC and AC motors