The motion software products from Beckhoff offer optimal user support for selecting suitable hardware components for drive solutions. The universal software toolbox provides access to all information in technical product data sheets on motors, servo drives, gear units and cables from Beckhoff and helps implement entire drive systems from designing to commissioning.


TE5910 | TC3 Motion Designer

The dimensioning of drive axes, in conjunction with the optimum selection of motor, gear unit, drive controllers and accessories, is the basis for an efficient machine design. The TC3 Motion Designer is optionally integrated in the TwinCAT automation platform, or it can be used as a stand-alone project engineering tool for mechanical construction.


TE5950 | TC3 Drive Manager 2

The TC3 Drive Manager 2 is used for commissioning the AX8000, AX5000, AMI81xx, AMP8000 or the EL72xx, EP72xx and EJ72xx I/O components. It is optionally available as an integrated version in the TwinCAT automation platform or an update version independently of TwinCAT. The TC3 Drive Manager 2 is integrated into a TwinCAT solution as a project and enables a separate assessment of supply modules, axis modules and axis channels.


TF5850 | TC3 XTS Extension

The TC3 XTS Extension decouples servo algorithms from the hardware and calculates them centrally. TwinCAT maps each XTS mover as a normal servo axis, enabling simple movement handling.


TF5890 | TC3 XPlanar

Scan the system, configure the geometry of the modules with the mouse, identify the movers, automatically link in TwinCAT. A wizard makes initial commissioning fast and simple. In ongoing operation, the software carries out the calculation of the mover position, precise position control, as well as monitoring and diagnostics. Each mover is identified by the application software with an axis number and the XYZ coordinates as well as the angles of rotation α, ß, or γ of these 3 axes.

Ordering information  
TE5910 TC3 Motion Designer for drive dimensioning
TE5950 TC3 Drive Manager 2 for commissioning the AX8000 multi-axis servo system, AX5000 digital compact servo drive, AMP8000 distributed servo drive system, AMI81xx integrated servo drives or the I/O components EL72xx, EP72xx and EJ72xx
TF5850-00pp software license, TwinCAT 3 XTS Extension
TF5890-00pp software license, TwinCAT 3 XPlanar