AMP8000 | Distributed Servo Drive system

Distributed Servo Drives for modular machines

The AMP8000 distributed Servo Drive system opens up new possibilities for modular machine concepts, because it integrates the drive directly into the motor in a very compact design. By relocating the power electronics to the machine, the control cabinet needs to house only a single coupling module that supplies multiple distributed Servo Drives with a single cable via a distribution module. In another expansion stage, the control cabinet space required for drive technology is completely eliminated. While previously the space requirements in the control cabinet for connecting the drives with the coupling modules was reduced to just one cable, it is now completely eliminated when the AMP8620 power supply module is used. This produces significant savings in terms of material, space, cost, and installation effort.


More compact motors, fewer cables

The one cable solution EtherCAT P can be used for consistently cabling entire distributed Servo Drive systems. EtherCAT P combines communication and power supply in one cable. Instead of having to use multiple connection cables between a control cabinet and a machine, a single cable to the AMP8805 distribution module is all it takes, because each of the AMP8805 distribution Servo Drives is in turn connected to the distribution module with just a short cable. Since the entire system can be cascaded, even complex machines or lines can be implemented in simple topologies. The one cable solution EtherCAT P simplifies the logistics in installation considerably and minimises wiring errors. The cable routes to the motor can be laid out much more clearly, and space requirements in the control cabinet are reduced to a minimum.


Safe drive technology with TwinSAFE

TwinSAFE is a universal safety concept that seamlessly integrates safety functionalities – from the PLC to I/Os through to the drive technology – into the standard control platform. All safety functions such as emergency stop, safety door monitoring, two-hand operation, safety mat monitoring, and muting, safe position, safely limited speed, a.o., can be programmed and/or configured with the universal TwinCAT engineering platform. The distributed AMP8000 Servo Drives support drive-integrated STO/SS1 safety functions with TwinSAFE as per IEC 61800-2 by default. The system will soon be available with TwinSAFE Safe Motion as well, so that more complex and more limiting safety functions can be implemented.



Ordering information  
AMP804x Distributed servo drive 2.01…4.80 Nm (Standstill torque)
AMP805x Distributed servo drive 4.80…11.4 Nm (Standstill torque)
AX8831 AX8000 coupling module for connecting AMP804x and AMP805x, 1-channel
AX8832 AX8000 coupling module for connecting AMP804x and AMP805x, 2-channel
AMP8805-1000-0000 Distribution module, 5-channel, 24 V DC power supply
AMP8620-2005-0000 supply module 20 A DC for 400…480 V AC supply voltage, 5-channel, 24 V DC power supply